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New live events online and in person. Just a few to start but there will be at least one a month.Come and try for yourself to see how Yoga can help you, as well as looking at natural alternatives to manage your menopause. No experience necessary, you don't have to be bendy, and it's never too early or too late to start!


Breathwork and calming postures to take you out of Fight Or Flight into Rest and Repair.


Breathwork and energising postures to lift your energy levels physically and mentally.


Mobilising areas prone to tightness during menopause, and maintaining your mobility can prevent injury and reduce joint and muscle pain.


Learning how to breath properly and fully can help your calm, energise, stretch, release and so much more.

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Group Sessions

Check out my live events below. Mainly based in South London but there will also be some future ones in Exeter and Bristol. Scroll down to see the latest events. 

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We've also done a webinars on: 
Menopause and Acupunture with the amazing Olga Antonini
Menopause and Head Space with Karen Burke
Face Yoga with Zoe Mortimore
Stopping Anxiety on the Go with Dame Caroline England
Thyroid Health with Monica McSherry
Magnesium and its Importance During Menopause with Marva Williams

Missed my latest webinar...heres the link to catch up. 
Finding Balance Through your Peri to Post Menopause Years with Gemma Juyment

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Sunday 10th September (4 weeks) and 12th November (4 weeks) 2023, 09:00-10:00 - JAGS Sports Club, Dulwich

Yoga for Menopause 4 Week Course

Yoga for Menopause is a new four-week programme, which will address common symptoms of menopause with a combination of breath, movement and mind.  This course takes place over four weeks.  It is free to members and £40 to non members.

Week One:  Calm and Nurture, removing yourself from Fight of Flight.  Help yourself balance hormones, support gut health and protect your nervous system.

Week Two:  Bones and Body. Learn how to strengthen muscles and bones for good posture and osteoporosis prevention

Week Three:  More Pelvic Floor.  Promote healthy pelvic floor function by strengthening and stretching pelvic muscles.  Breaking taboos on common menopausal conditions such as cystitis, pain and stress incontinence

Week Four:  Energise and Fat Burn.  Boost your metabolism to burn excess body fat, energise your brain and work your heart.




Tuesday 26th September 19:00-21:00, Copper Beach Cafe, JAGS Sports Club, Dulwich

Menopause ME Time - A night of women supporting women. Learning how to help yourself naturally during your peri-menopause to menopause journey.

Join us for a fantastic line up of very talented and knowledgeable women:

Marva Williams for Director of Shhh Menopause Wellness, Menopause Coach. Talking about magnesium, her near death experience due to the lack of it, it's importantance and the best way to get it into your body.

Diana Powley of Dune Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner. Talking about sleep and methods to help you with sleep during menopause.

Karen Burke, Director of the Mind Body Therapy Centre, Life Coach, Author of Building Life Muscles. Talks about building life muscles and resiliance into our lives to support our menopause transition

Alison Beadle, creator of Moving Though Menopause, and Sugar Free ME. Personal Trainer and Womens Health Coach. Talking about Nutrition from peri to post menopause and in particular the effect of sugar.

Plus an opportunity to book a short chat with all the speakers after too to get more personalised advice and support.

BOOK NOW VIA EVENTBRITE just click on the link below.

Yes please to menopause ME time





More Webinars AND events to follow including:

Managing Menopause with Neurodiversity -Guest Speaker: Kelly Chester - October 26th

Sugar & Hormones, peri menopause to menopause - Guest Speaker: Kirsten Chick - November 7th

Empowerment through Climbing Workshop - November - TBC


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